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Lake Erie Speedway Drivers

24 - Mathews Mead
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Hometown: Erie, PA
Nick Name: Matt, MM3
Age: 13
Sponsor(s): 1. Octane Custom Designs
2. iRock Fitness
3. Dr. James Hissom Family Denistry
4. Remax
5. Buffalo Wild Wings
6. Headcases, A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon
Racing Division: Bandoleros
Years Racing: 2 years
What do you like about Lake Erie Speedway:
The track ,nice people
Favorite Driver:
Jeff Gordon
Favorite Racing Moment:
Winning my first race- August 25, 2012
Least Favorite Racing Moment:
Crashing in my first race
What do you do in your free time:
Working on the car with my dad, watching NASCAR, thinking about racing
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