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Bittinger Sweeps Jensens Target Collision Twin Compact 15s on Sirco Industrial Supply Night at the Races


Sirco Industrial Supply Night at the Races


Saturday, July 14, 2012, North East, PA – Lake Erie Speedway reached the halfway point of the season with Sirco Industrial Supply Night at the Races.  The night included all six weekly racing divisions which included special Jensens Target Collision Compact twin 15 lap feature events.


The first Jensens Target Collision Compacts feature took to the track and a quick caution was called for a collision in turn two with driver #8 Robert Collins forcing him to leave the track. Thankfully, Collins did not receive serious injuries in the accident and hopefully will be returning to racing next week.  On the restart, driver #88 Dan Bittinger pulled ahead with an incredible lead of almost a complete straight away over the rest of the field.  He dominated the first Jensens Target Collision Compacts feature event of the night which gave him the win with #89 Kyle Rourke taking second place and #96 Doug Hadley close behind in third place.


The second race of the night belonged to the INEX Bandoleros. Caution flags flew early with the #01 Lexi Bohrer having technical issues which forced her to the infield for the evening. Another caution flag flew for #21 Tyce Church which ultimately gave him the black flag with having radio issues in his car and unable to communicate with the officials. The last caution flag flew for #33 Hayden Fogle for aggressive driving. The race out front was a good one as #71 Tyler McArdle pulled off an impressive second feature win of the season after strategically passing a lap car on the final lap, with #3 Jeff Dunfee battling most of the race close behind taking second place, and #32 Wesley McCray in a distant third place.


The NASCAR Modifieds raced in the third feature event of the night. A caution flag dropped on lap two with a collision involving #5 Dave Neubauer and #22 Ken Moore, Sr. sending both drivers to the back of the field.  On the restart, car #51 Jamie Hebner took the lead with a three car length lead until another caution flag caused the drivers to restart after car #00 Adam Kostelnik spun out due to a collision with a lap car #3 Mark Vandersar.  On lap fifteen, Hebner continued the lead with #14 Carter Mook right on his tail. Fighting for a top spot behind Hebner and Mook were #12 Scott Wylie, #77 Dave McAvoy, and #32 Eric McCray.  On the final lap, Hebner contained his lead as Mook and Wylie battled for the second place spot. Hebner captured his first feature win of the season, and a photo finish showed Mook in second place and Wylie in third place. 


A brief intermission included a couple laps from some of our VIPs from the Lake Erie Mustang Owners Club (LEMOC) as well other mustang owner clubs from Ohio, Canada, and Pittsburgh. 


After the intermission, the INEX Legends came out strong to participate in the fourth race of the evening. #163 Floyd Kent, Jr. took an early lead with #83 RJ White right behind him until #1 Brandon DeBrakeleer took second place with an inside move.   DeBrakeleer continued the battle to the front again making inside move passing Kent, Jr. and advancing to an incredible lead.  On lap fourteen, #62 Jason Knox made a move to take the lead leaving DeBrakeleer chasing after him. A caution flag dropped on lap twenty one forcing a restart.  On the restart, Knox and DeBrakeleer battle it out for the top spot with #97x Evan Finley a few car lengths behind.  On the final lap, Knox takes the checkered flag for his third feature win of the season with DeBrakeleer close behind taking the second place spot, and Finley securing the third place spot.


The fifth race of the night belonged to the NASCAR Street Stocks. Starting the race off strong was #19 Kaity Kicinski pulling ahead almost six car lengths from the rest of the field.  Kiciniski remained the dominate leader until half way through when #11k Dave Krawczyk made his way through the rest of the field to challenge for the top position.  With two laps to go, a caution flag dropped as #33 Tim Arthur ran into the foam block barriers in turn two causing a lengthy clean up.  After the clean up, the race goes back green but is stopped quickly by another caution as Arthur and #1 Vern Heddrick collided on the back stretch.  Although Kiciniski led the entire race to this point, she had a lot of work left to do to try to hold off Krawczyk for a green, white, checked finish.  Kiciniski was impressive at the end just as she was the entire race and was able to pick up her second feature win of the season.  Krawczyk battled hard and was able to take home a second place finish, and #26 Ed McConnell secured the third place position. 


With a special appearance from our Sirco Industrial Supply VIPs as honorary starters and pace car riders, the second 15 lap feature of the Jensens Target Collision Compacts took to the track.  On lap eight, #96 Doug Hadley was forced to the infield for issues with his car smoking on the track.  #14 Jim Tobin led the entire race with #88 Dan Bittinger following behind attempting to pass on numerous occasions. On the final lap, Bittinger forces Tobin to the outside lane and passes on the inside to give Bittinger the win, Tobin finished in second place, and #81 Shane Forster finished in the third place position. 


The final race of the evening was the Plyler Overhead Door Late Model division. #65 George Skora III led the pack for most of the shortened twenty five lap feature event while #32 Glenn Gault, Jr. and #48 Sam Fullone held the second and third place positions.  #56 Scott Skora experienced mechanical issues a little more than half way through the race, which forced him to the infield.  The race ended with George Skora III picking up his fourth feature win of the season, Gault, Jr. finished in second place, and Fullone finished in third place. 


Quick Results-7/14 Unofficial




Jensens Target Collision Compacts:


Feature #1

1.      88 Dan Bittinger

2.      89 Kyle Rourke

3.      96 Doug Hadley

4.      81 Shane Forster

5.      14 Jim Tobin

6.      19 Brian Carlson

7.      42 Phillip Powell

8.      11 TJ Colby

9.      24 Rob Moore

10.  27 Steph McFadden

11.  23 Scott Horvath

12.  314 Mary Jo Lindberg

13.  9 Bondy Stoyer

14.  64 Jim Neubauer

15.  99 Gena Thompson

16.  8 Robert Collins

17.  1 Stephanie Akerly

18.  21 Yvonne Neubauer



Feature #2

1.      88 Dan Bittinger

2.      14 Jim Tobin

3.      81 Shane Forster

4.      89 Kyle Rourke

5.      11 TJ Colby

6.      1 Stephanie Akerly

7.      19 Brian Carlson

8.      24 Rob Moore

9.      314 MaryJo Lindberg

10.  9 Bondy Stoyer

11.  96 Doug Hadley

12.  64 Jim Neubauer

13.  27 Steph McFadden




INEX Bandoleros:

1.      71 Tyler McArdle

2.      3 Jeff Dunfee III

3.      32 Wesley McCray

4.      97 Darrin Waldron

5.      9 Donald Buell

6.      24 Matt Mead

7.      2 Chase Firestone

8.      29 Daniel Buell

9.      5 Lars McElravy

10.  33 Hayden Fogle

11.  21 Tyce Church

12.  01 Alexis Bohrer

13.  6 Dale Lombardo



NASCAR Street Stocks:

1.      19 Kaity Kicinski

2.      11k David Krawczyk

3.      26 Ed McConnell

4.      20 John Denny

5.      00 Jack Hall

6.      71 Rich Miller

7.      11 Ed Hall

8.      83 Russ Conti

9.      96 Greg Irish

10.  37 Drew Case

11.  55 Ken Moore, Jr.

12.  78 Chris Crossman

13.  1 Vern Heddrick

14.  33 Tim Arthur

15.  28 Joel Rammelt

16.  5 Jay Queen



INEX Legends:

1.      62 Jason Knox

2.      1 Brandon DeBrakeleer

3.      97x Evan Finley

4.      39 Jeremy Haudricourt

5.      163 Floyd Kent, Jr.

6.      5 Matt Hutchison

7.      98 Brett Coon

8.      99 Justin Bolton

9.      83 RJ White

10.  9 Carl Vilardo IV

11.  22x Wendell Napper

12.  33 Brody Wood

13.  29 Melissa Brockman

14.  7 Jeff Ehret

15.  99x Alexandria Smith

16.  26 Cody Myers

17.  81 Michael Walker

18.  5A Brandon Abbott

19.  29ny Charlie Newman

20.  78 Mike MacDonald

21.  268 Anthony Riforgiato

22.  22 William Lyden

23.  33x Dustin Fox

24.  21 Patrick Lyden

25.  52 John Lindstrom

26.  14 Corry Moore



NASCAR Modifieds:

1.      51 Jamie Hebner

2.      14 Carter Mook

3.      12 Scott Wylie

4.      77 Dave McAvoy

5.      32 Eric McCray

6.      24 Randy Culver

7.      17 Eric Bohrer

8.      21 Mike Neubauer

9.      1 Terry Akerly

10.  20 Dale Murdock

11.  30 Chris Briggs

12.  66 Dennis Hagg

13.  5 Dave Neubauer

14.  00 Adam Kostelnik

15.  53 Josh Erhard

16.  75 Bob Fisher

17.  62 Bob McQuiston

18.  34 Brandon Huffman

19.  22 Ken Moore, Sr.

20.  54 Mike McConnell

21.  3 Mark Vandersar



Plyler Overhead Door Late Models:

1.      65 George Skora III

2.      32 Glenn Gault, Jr.

3.      48 Sam Fullone

4.      29 Richard Arndt

5.      56 Scott Skora