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Point Races tighten up after Coca-Cola Night at the Races Presented by Sirco Industrial Supply

Coca Cola Night at the Races

presented by Sirco Industrial Supply


Saturday, August 25, 2012, North East, PA – It was another incredible night of racing at Lake Erie Speedway as 3,800 fans watched the points battles heat up in all six race divisions.  Coca-Cola Night at the Races presented by Sirco Industrial Supply offered the best in racing entertainment, which featured Kid’s Club Night presented by PNC Bank and Country 98.


The Jensens Target Collision Compacts were the first to take the track for the first of two scheduled feature events.  Early in the race, #25 Garrett Rammelt lead the pack followed by #21 Yvonne Neubauer and #14 Jim Tobin.  A caution flag came when #5 John Palmer had a collision in turn 4 continuing on the front stretch where he lost a front tire. As the green flag went back up, Tobin soared from the restart to secure a first place spot.  Behind him Rammelt and #88 Dan Bittinger battled for the second place position.  Bittinger pushed his machine to pass Rammelt and continued his chase after Tobin.  On lap 12, Tobin continued his lead and used the lap cars to create distance between himself and Bittinger.  Tobin held the lead as the checkered flag flew giving him the victory in the first Jensens Target Collision Compact feature event of the night, followed in second place by Bittinger and Rammelt in third place.


The second race of the night was the NASCAR Street Stocks. Quickly, #11k David Krawczyk took the lead followed by #71 Rich Miller.  #26 Ed McConnell and #19 Kaity Kicinski were door to door for the first 6 laps trying to gain position.  #55 Charlie Anderson collided with the wall in turn 3 forcing a restart of the NASCAR Street Stocks.  Krawczyk again pushed ahead on a great restart to obtain the lead over Miller.  Kicinski, who came into the race as the points leader, continued her journey to the front as she passed McConnell and #20 John Denny and began her sprint towards Miller.  Kicinski was unable to catch Miller as she settled for a third place finish, with Miller in second place, and Krawczyk continued his dominance with another first place finish. 


The INEX Bandoleros were the next division to race in a scheduled 12 lap feature event.  #24 Matt Mead took an early lead followed by #97 Darrin Waldron and #71 Tyler McArdle.  On lap three, McArdle spun out hard in turn three and then was struck by #2 Chase Firestone, which brought out the caution flag.  Both drivers walked away with no injuries, but both cars suffered damage and could not continue the race.  On the restart, Mead and Waldron were door to door as they battled for the first place spot.  On lap five, #21 Tyce Church spun out coming out of turn two causing a caution.  Following the restart, #3 Jeff Dunfee III pulled up to battle Mead for the second place position as Waldron had a two car lead.  Mead passed on the outside to leave Dunfee behind and chased down Waldron as both drivers worked hard to hit their marks.  With two laps remaining, Mead finally caught and passed Waldron to take the first place position, with Mead going on to take the checkered flag in the first place position, Waldron settled for second place, and Jeff Dunfee III in third place.


After a brief intermission that included an autograph session with the Jensens Target Collision Compacts and Street Stocks in the main concourse, the INEX Legends were underway with a very competitive line up.  #01 Matt Pappa started in the eighth position, and only needed five laps to work his way to the front and take the lead as he built a substantial lead over #39 Jeremy Haudricourt and #1 Brandon DeBrakeleer.  #98 Brett Coon and #99 Justin Bolton danced back and forth as the two traded the fourth and fifth place spot for the first half of the race.   On lap 15, DeBrakeleer pulled an inside move to pass Haudricourt and kept a steady pace in the 2nd place spot. With 5 laps to go, #163 Floyd Kent Jr. spun out by himself in turn two, which forced a single file restart.  Pappa had built an incredible lead prior to the caution, so the restart allowed DeBrakeleer and Haudricourt the opportunity to contend for that first place position.  Following the restart, Pappa remained the leader with precise driving as DeBrakeleer and Haudricourt followed.  With only two laps remaining, another caution went up when #26 Cody Myers spun out in turn two.  Pappa was able to hold his lead on the restart and went on to win, followed by Brandon DeBrakeleer in second and Haudricourt in third.


The action on the track was paused briefly as everyone in attendance witnessed the NASCAR Modifieds staged on the backstretch for a special photo shoot that involved fireworks and pyrotechnics.


Following the brief photo shoot, the green flag went up and the NASCAR Modifieds were underway for the scheduled 25 lap feature event.  #1 Terry Akerly took the lead to start off the Modified division, with #32 Eric McCray, #12 Scott Wylie, and #21 Mike Neubauer following behind.  McCray passed Akerly on the outside on lap three to take the lead.  On lap eight, a caution flag waved as Neubauer and #77 Dave McAvoy collided on the front stretch that forced them to spin to the infield and both drivers were placed at the tail end of the field.  On the restart, McCray, Wylie, and Akerly battled for the top spot, as #20 Dale Murdock worked his way up to contend for a top position.  On lap 13, another caution flag waved as #51 Jamie Hebner and #66 Dennis Hagg collided sending both drivers to the back of the field.  On the restart, McCray held onto his first place position as Murdock passed Wylie on the inside to take over the second place position.  #30 Chris Briggs had been working hard throughout the race and passed Akerly for the fourth place position.  With five laps remaining, McCray and Murdock were bumper to bumper, as the two drivers calculated their next move for a true shootout over the last three laps.  Both drivers treated the fans to a grueling battle, as McCray held on for the victory, Murdock earned a second place finish, and Wylie settled for third place. 


The second Jensens Target Collision Compact feature event was next for the final segment of the scheduled twin 15 lap events.  #11 TJ Colby grabbed the lead early with #24m Bob Moore and #19 Brian Carlson following behind.  The caution flag went up on lap two when #314 Chris Ecker lost a tire in turn two.  On the restart, Colby continued his lead as Carlson followed and was quickly joined by #81 Shane Forster.  Forster battled to stay in the top three, but was eventually passed by #14 Jim Tobin, the first twin feature winner, and #88 Dan Bittinger.  Bittinger started in the 11th place position but strategically used the high side to pass everyone to gain the lead on lap eight, as Tobin, who started in the 12th place position, passed everyone with Bittinger and followed behind in second place.  With only 5 laps to go, Bittinger created distance between Tobin and Forster.  #25 Garrett Rammelt made an inside move to take the third place position from Forster.  Bittinger remained the leader as the race ended, with Tobin following for a second place finish, and Rammelt earning the third place finish in the second Jensens Target Collision Compact feature event of the night.


The last feature race of the night was the Plyler Overhead Door Late Models in the scheduled 40 lap feature.  #19 Dan Lewis pulled out from the pack early to take the lead but was quickly joined doorside by #48 Sam Fullone.  Fullone, used the inside lane to pass Lewis and build a lead with #47 Scott Wylie in the third position, #56 Scott Skora in fourth, and #65 George Skora III in fifth.  Lewis was shuffled to the back as Fullone stayed out front and George Skora III chased after him as he used the outside lane to pass Wylie and then used the inside grove to pass Scott Skora.  On lap 16, between turns three and four, Lewis and #2w Dave Whittaker collided bringing out the caution flag.  On the restart, Fullone and George Skora III were side by side as Fullone managed to slide back up front with George Skora III close behind.  Also on the restart, Wylie was able to pass Scott Skora bringing #3 Jeff Brown with him, which forced Scott Skora back to the fifth place position.  As Wylie used the outside groove, Brown was able to slide underneath and take over the third place position.  Fullone was able to build a commanding lead, as Brown attempted to battle George Skora III for the second place position.  With less than ten laps remaining, Scott Skora slid up into Wylie in turn two and was able to make the pass for fourth place.  Fullone continued to dominate the race as George Skora III and Brown could not catch him to contend for the lead.  As Fullone took the checkered flag in first place, Wylie took out Scott Skora in turn four collecting #29 Dick Arndt in the process.  George Skora III settled for second place and Brown finished in the third place position. 


The final race of the season is this Saturday, September 1st with Championship Night/Career Concepts Night at the Races.  It will take the final race night of the season to determine the close points battles that have been brewing all season long, so be at Lake Erie Speedway this Saturday to see who will be crowned the 2012 Champion in each of the six race divisions.            


Quick Results 8/25/12

 Jensens Target Collision Compacts: 

First Feature: 

1.       #14 Jim Tobin

2.       #88 Dan Bittinger

3.       #25 Garrett Rammelt

4.      #1 Stephanie Akerly

5.      #81 Shane Forster

6.      #21 Yvonne Neubauer

7.      #65 Dan Krejsa

8.      #19 Brian Carlson

9.       #11 TJ Colby

10.  #64 Jim Neubauer

11. #24m Bob Moore

12. #9 Bondy Stoyer

13. #314 Chris Ecker

14. #34 Brandon Huffman

15. #77 Joelle Dzkeluch

16. #7 Doug Hadley

17. #8 Robert Collins 

18. #42 Philip Powell DNS


Second Feature 

1.       #88 Dan Bittinger

2.      #14 Jim Tobin

3.      #25 Garrett Rammelt

4.      #81 Shane Forster

5.      #65 Dan Krejsa

6.      #19 Brian Carlson

7.      #11 TJ Colby

8.      #1 Stephanie Akerly

9.      #21 Yvonne Neubauer

10.  #7 Doug  Hadley

11.  #24m Bob Moore

12.  #64 Jim Neubauer

13.  #9 Bondy Stoyer

14.  #77 Joelle Dzkeluch

15.  #42 Phillip Powell

16.  #314 Chris Ecker

17.  #8 Robert Collins DNS

18.  #34 Brandon Huffman DNS    


NASCAR Street Stocks: 

1.      #11k David Krawczyk

2.       #19 Kaity Kicinski

4.      #28 Travis Rammelt

5.      #26 Ed McConnell

6.      #11 Ed Hall

7.      #78 Chris Crossman

8.      #96 Greg Irish

9.      #1 Vern Heddrick

10.  #55 Ken Moore, Jr.

11.  #33 Tim Arthur

12.  #83 Russ Conti

13.  #5 Jay Queen

14.  #20 John Denny

15.  #12 Richard Henry

16. #71 Rich Miller DQ


INEX Bandoleros: 

1.       #24 Matt Mead

2.       #97 Darrin Waldron

3.      #3 Jeff Dunfee III

4.      #9 Donald Buell

5.      #32 Wesley McCray

6.      #21 Tyce Church

7.      #01 Alexis Bohrer

8.      #5 Lars McElravy

9.      #33 Hayden Fogle

10.  #71 Tyler McArdle

11.  #2 Chase Firestone 


INEX Legends: 

1.      #01 Matt Pappa

2.      #1 Branden DeBrakeleer

3.      #39 Jeremy Haudricourt

4.      #99 Justin Bolton

5.      #98 Brett Coon

6.      #83 RJ White

7.      #9 Carl Vilardo IV

8.      #29 Melissa Brockman

9.      #33 Brody Wood

10.  #81 Michael Walker

11.  #5A Brandon Abbott

12.  #268 Anthony Riforgiato

13.  #163 Floyd Kent, jr.

14.  #14 Corry Moore

15.  #01n Mark Nahrstedt

16.  #26 Cody Myers

17.  #22 Bill Lyden

18.  #52 John Lindstrom

19.  #04 Mel Murphy

 NASCAR Modifieds: 

1.       #32 Eric McCray

2.      #20 Dale Murdock

3.      #12 Scott Wylie

4.      #30 Chris Briggs

5.      #5 Dave Neubauer

6.      #1 Terry Akerly

7.      #24 Randy Culver

8.      #22 Ken Moore, Sr.

9.      #21 Mike Neubauer

10.  #75 Bob Fisher

11.  #77 Dave McAvoy

12.  #66 Dennis Hagg

13.   #51 Jamie Hebner

14.  #62 Bob McQuiston

15.   #17 Eric Bohrer

16.  #19 Dwayne Vantassel

17.  #14 Carter Mook DNS 


Plyler Overhead Door Late Models: 

1.       #48 Sam Fullone

2.      #65 George Skora III

3.      #3 Jeff Brown

4.      #29 Richard Arndt

5.      #56 Scott Skora

6.      #47 Scott Wylie

7.       #22 Keith Platz

8.       #20 Scott Nurmi

9.       #19 Dan Lewis

10. #2w Da ve Whittaker