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Skora, McAvoy, Bittinger, Kicinski, DeBrakeleer, and McCray Crowned 2012 Champions


2012 Champions Crowned at Lake Erie Speedway

Saturday, September 1, 2012, North East, PA –  The night was a perfect set up for the final race night of the 2012 Season Fueled By Kwik Fill as just over 4,000 fans watched the battle for the 2012 Championships during Championship Night/Career Concepts Night at the Races. 


The first feature race of the night was the NASCAR Street Stocks, which started with the #11k  Dave Krawczyk in the points lead by only one point over the second place position held by #19 Kaity Kicinski.  On lap five, there was a collision in turn one that involved the #55 Charlie Anderson, #11k Dave Krawczyk , #26 Ed McConnell, and  #00 Jack Hall.  Others swerved to avoid the collision as the caution flag was out for the clean up on the track.  Krawczyk was involved in the collision but was able to go to the pit area under caution to temporarily fix the damage and make it back before the green flag waved again to restart the racing.  Shortly after the restart, Krawczyk slowed on the backstretch and then pulled his car to the infield due to ongoing damage he sustained in the collision.  Kicinski continued to work her way up front as she chased down #20 John Denny, who built nearly a ten car length lead over the rest of the field.  In third place, #28 Travis Rammelt remained right with Kicinski and finally made a move on the inside to pass her and take over the second place position.  #71 Rich Miller came from behind to join Kicinski in the battle for the third place position and successfully passed her going into lap 18.  With Krawczyk parked on the infield, it was clear Kicinski, in the fourth place position, was the 2012 Street Stock Champion with only a few laps remaining.  Denny ran excellent the entire race and crossed the finish line in first place followed by Rammelt in second place and Miller in third place. 


The second race of the night featured the Jensens Target Collision Compacts and only five points separated first place, #88 Dan Bittinger, from second place, #14 Jim Tobin.  The race started off bumpy as the drivers remained clustered together for the first two laps jockeying for position.  On the third lap, Bittinger pulled to the front to secure a comfortable lead while Tobin and #19 Brian Carlson went side by side in turns one and two.  Tobin passed Carlson on the inside on lap eight and began his chase of Bittinger who was comfortably out front in the first place position.  Tobin encountered some lap traffic that held him up from closing in on Bittinger, who had already piloted his way through the lap traffic while building his lead.  #25 Garrett Rammelt passed Carlson with only two laps remaining to take over the third place spot, but he did not have enough laps left to contend for a higher finishing position.  As the checkered flags waved, Bittinger crossed the finish line well out in front to take the win and secure his place as the 2012 Jensens Target Collision Champion.  Tobin settled for second place in the feature event, as well as second place in the points standings after an impressive season.  Rammelt finished the feature event in third place.


Next up, the INEX Bandoleros were on display for a 12 lap feature event.  #71 Tyler McArdle took an early lead on lap one after starting on the pole with #97 Darrin Waldron on the outside pole.  On lap four, Waldron and #3 Jeff Dunfee III worked their way through lap traffic towards McArdle who was still out in the lead.  Just past the halfway point of the race, #2 Chase Firestone spun out in turn two and brought out the caution flag as he was unable to restart his car.  On the single file restart, Waldron got a good jump and passed McArdle on the outside for the lead.  Two laps later, McArdle got into the back of Waldron causing Waldron to spin and both drivers were sent to the tail end of the lead lap cars for the restart.  Dunfee III was now the leader on the restart with #9 Donald Buell in second place and #24 Matt Mead in the third place position.  Another caution flag was brought out due to a collision at the tail end of the field that caused #33 Hayden Fogle to spin out.  On the restart, Dunfee III held onto his lead and went on to take the checkered flag for his sixth feature win of the season, followed by Donald Buell in second place and Mead finished in third place.  #32 Wesley McCray finished fifth in the feature event, which was enough to crown him the overall points champion in the INEX Bandolero Division at Lake Erie Speedway. 


After a short intermission that involved an autograph session with competitors from the NASCAR Modifieds Division, the Legends were staged on the backstretch for a photo shoot that involved the pyrotechnics and fireworks.  Immediately following the photo shoot, the INEX Legends were ready to take the green flag in a 25 lap feature event.  #1 Brandon DeBrakeleer, the overall points leader coming into the night, started on the outside pole as #39 Jeremy Haudricourt held the pole position.  DeBrakeleer took the early lead from Haudricourt as #62 Jason Knox followed close behind in third place.  Haudricourt took the lead back from DeBrakeleer on lap three, as Knox also passed DeBrakeleer for the second place position.  On lap four, a caution flag went up when #22x Wendell Napper spun out in turn four, which sent him to the tail end of the line for the restart.  On the restart, going into turn one, #13 Brad Salatino and #5a Brandon Abbott collided while collecting #81 Michael Walker in the wreckage.  A lengthy clean up ensued as Walker was the only car able to continue with the race.  On the restart, Haudricourt continued to hold the lead as another caution flag flew on lap six for a collision between #99 Justin Bolton and #83 RJ White which also collected #82 Tyler Turner in the wreckage.  This caution forced a single file restart as Haudricourt held onto his lead with Knox right on his bumper contending for the first place position.  On lap nine, #04 Mel Murphy brought out another caution as the front end of his car was engulfed in flames.  Murphy was unable to continue the race and suffered no serious injuries from the fire.  Haudricourt and Knox continued their battle for the first place position with the points leader DeBrakeleer close in third followed by #98 Brett Coon.  Bolton, who was sent to the back earlier in the race, made incredible moves as he soared towards the front and worked his way up to fifth place, impressively passing more than 30 cars in total throughout the feature event.  With five laps to go, Haudricourt remained the leader and held on to that spot to pick up his first feature win of the 2012 Season.  Knox settled for second place although he fought hard with Haudricourt throughout most of the race.  DeBrakeleer finished in third place, which was more than enough to secure his second consecutive INEX Legends Championship at Lake Erie Speedway.  DeBrakeleer also remains in first place as the national leader in the Young Lions Division and is looking for a National Championship in addition to his Lake Erie Speedway Championship.    


The NASCAR Modifieds took to the track next for their 25 lap feature event.  The green flag to start the race was quickly followed by the yellow caution flag as a major collision in turn one involved #22 Ken Moore Sr., #75  Bob Fisher, #20 Dale Murdock, #62 Bob McQuiston, and #5 Dave Neubauer.  All drivers involved were able to walk away from the accident with no injuries and only Neubauer was unable to continue due to the damage received in the wreck.  #77 Dave McAvoy, who came in to the race as the overall points leader, took the lead on the restart from #21 Mike Neubauer followed in third place by #17 Eric Bohrer.  #32 Eric McCray and #24 Randy Culver were bunched together passing several cars in attempt to reach the top three.  McAvoy continued his dominance as the leader going into lap 12 but still had Neubauer on his bumper chasing him down.  Culver finally made a move to pass McCray and take over the third place position while bringing along #12 Scott Wylie who eventually passed McCray and settled in to the fourth place position.  On lap 23, #51 Jamie Hebner spun out in turn four, bringing out the final caution flag of the race.  McAvoy pulled ahead quickly to maintain his lead on the restart and went on to lead the final two laps to take the victory in the feature event thus earning him a back to back championship and title of NASCAR Modifieds Champion.  Nuebauer finished the feature event in second place and Wylie earned a third place finish.    


The last race of the season featured the Plyler Overhead Door Late Models in the scheduled 40 lap feature event.  In turn one of the first lap, the pole sitter, #20 Scott Nurmi, pulled to the inside allowing the rest of the field to pass.  #45 Dave Heitzhaus took the early lead followed in second place by #47 Scott Wylie.  On lap two, #48 Sam Fullone passed Wylie for the second place spot moving Wylie to third place followed by #65 George Skora III in fourth place.  Skora III came into the race as the points leader with hopes of capturing his first ever championship at Lake Erie Speedway.  On lap four, Fullone made a move on the inside to pass Heitzhaus and take the lead.  Skora III worked hard for the first four laps trying to get around Wylie and successfully made the pass on lap five to steal the third place spot.  Fullone managed to distance himself out front, as Skora III worked to pass Heitzhaus on the inside groove on lap 10.  Fullone was out to a very comfortable lead as Skora III chased him down and managed to close the gap between first and second place.  Fullone and Skora III would begin a showcase of racing excellence that would play out like a 20 lap drag race with both drivers hitting their marks strategically.  Skora III worked the bumper of Fullone and made several attempts to pass on the inside, but Fullone continued to hold the first place position working hard to stay just ahead of Skora III and not allow that opportunity to make the pass on the inside.  After several failed attempts on the inside, Skora III ducked in behind Fullone and coordinated a “championship move” on the outside to successfully pass Fullone for the lead.  With only five laps remaining, Skora III now had officially proved that he was ready to be crowned a Lake Erie Speedway Champion as he went on to secure the first place position as the checkered flags flew for the last time of the 2012 Season Fueled By Kwik Fill.  Fullone earned a second place finish and Heitzhaus finished in third place.  Along with the impressive feature race and being crowned the 2012 Plyler Overhead Door Late Model Champion, Skora III made another “championship move” in victory lane as he got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend.  She accepted his “championship move” and proposal as every fan in attendance witnessed an amazing end to an amazing season.


Lake Erie Speedway would like to thank all of our drivers, race teams, fans, sponsors, and staff on another record breaking race season.  We look forward to seeing everyone back at Lake Erie Speedway in 2013!  


Official Quick Results 9/1


2012 Champions Listed


NASCAR Street Stocks:


1.      #20 John Denny

2.      #28 Travis Rammelt

3.      #71 Rich Miller

4.      #19 Kaity Kicinski

5.      #11 Ed Hall

6.      #33 Tim Arthur

7.      #26 Ed McConnell

8.      #96 Greg Irish

9.      #78 Chris Crossman

10.  #01 Leslie Bohrer

11.  #83 Russ Conti

12.  #12 Richard Henry

13.  #11k Dave Krawczyk

14.  #1 Vern Heddrick

15.  #00 Jack Hall

16.  #55 Ken Moore, Jr.

17.  #5 Jay Queen


NASCAR Street Stock 2012 Champion: #19 Kaity Kicinski




Jensens Target Collision Compacts:


1.      # 88 Dan Bittinger

2.      #14 Jim Tobin

3.      #25 Garrett Rammelt

4.      #19 Brian Carlson

5.      #11 TJ Colby

6.      #81 Shane Forster

7.      #21 Yvonne Neubauer

8.      #65 Dan Krejsa

9.      #96 Doug Hadley

10.  #1 Stephanie Akerly

11.  #24m Bob Moore

12.  #314 Chris Ecker

13.  #29 Jeremy Hill

14.  #9 Bondy Stoyer

15.  #34 Brandon Huffman

16.  #77 Joelle Dziluch

17.  #42 Phillip Powell

18.  #7 Jamie Hebner DNS


Jensens Target Collision Compacts 2012 Champion: #88 Dan Bittinger



INEX Bandoleros:


1.      #3 Jeff Dunfee III

2.      #9 Donald Buell

3.      #24 Matt Mead

4.      #97 Darrin Waldron

5.      #32 Wesley McCray

6.      #71 Tyler McArdle

7.      #29 Daniel Buell

8.      #33 Hayden Fogle

9.      #5 Lars McElrarvy

10.  #01 Alexis Bohrer

11.  #2 Chase Firestone


INEX Bandolero 2012 Champion: #32 Wesley McCray



INEX Legends:


1.      #39 Jeremy Haudricourt

2.      #62 Jason Knox

3.      #1 Brandon DeBrakeleer

4.      #99 Justin Bolton

5.      #98 Brett Coon

6.      #5 Matt Hutchinson

7.      #21 Pat Lyden

8.      #9 Carl Vilardo

9.      #29 Melissa Brockman

10.  #163 Floyd Kent, Jr.

11.  #26 Cody Myers

12.  #22x Wendell Napper

13.  #33 Brody Wood

14.  #8n Bryce Norton

15.  #81 Michael Walker

16.  #268 Anthony Riforgiato

17.  #14 Corry Moore

18.  #33x Dustin Fox

19.  #22 Bill Lyden

20.  #69 Terry Lindstrom

21.  #78 Mike MacDonald

22.  #29ny Charlie Neumann

23.  #52 John Lindstrom

24.  #04 Mel Murphy

25.  #82 Tyler Turner

26.  #83 RJ White

27.  #13 Brad Salatino

28.  #5A Brandon Abbott


INEX Legends 2012 Champion: #1 Brandon DeBrakeleer




NASCAR Modifieds:


1.      #77 Dave McAvoy

2.      #21 Mike Neubauer

3.      #12 Scott Wylie

4.      #24 Randy Culver

5.      #32 Eric McCray

6.      #66 Dennis Hagg

7.      #30 Chris Briggs

8.      #14 Carter Mook

9.      #1 Terry Akerly

10.  #17 Eric Bohrer

11.  #19 Dwayne Vantassel

12.  #22 Ken Moore, Sr.

13.  #51 Jamie Hebner

14.  #54 Mike McConnell

15.  #20 Dale Murdock

16.  #75 Bob Fisher

17.  #62 Bob McQuiston

18.  #5 Dave Neubauer


NASCAR Modifieds 2012 Champion: #77 Dave McAvoy




Plyler Overhead Door Late Models:


1.      #65 George Skora III

2.      #48 Sam Fullone

3.      #45 Dave Heitzhaus

4.      #3 Jeff Brown

5.      #47 Scott Wylie

6.      #20 Scott Nurmi

7.      #91 Todd Shafer

8.      #22 Keith Platz


Plyler Overhead Door Late Model 2012 Champion: #65 George Skora III