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INEX Engine Posting

2012 INEX Official Rulebook – Pg. 58

Engine Specification Rules XJ1250 “Sealed” (Blitz 4)
*** The XJ1250 & 1219 are sealed engines.

Tampering, removing, altering the engine seals will result in a penalty from probation to an indefinite suspension.
Competing with an engine that has been altered may result in a suspension for both the owner and driver.Additional fines may be applied also. If you purchase an engine from a
source other than US Legend Cars International, it is best to get it checked by the Engine Shop at US Legend Cars International
headquarters, located in Harrisburg, N.C. All repairs requiring removing the seals(s) must be addressed by the US Legend
Cars International Engine Shop. Violating this rule will result in an
immediate disqualification and engine confiscation.
Additional penalties may be applied by INEX.