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Night at the Races presented by Maplevale Farms and Jim Moss Builders featuring Must See Racing Supermodified Series and Kid’s Club Night presented by PNC Bank and Country 98

Night at the Races presented by Maplevale Farms and Jim Moss Builders featuring Must See Racing Supermodified Series and Kid’s Club Night presented by PNC Bank and Country 98

Lake Erie Speedway 2013 Season Fueled By Kwik Fill Continues Strong


Saturday, July 20, 2013 (North East, PA) – The 2013 Season fueled by Kwik Fill continued strong at Lake Erie Speedway for a special race night that showcased the first ever appearance for the Must See Racing Supermodified Series. 


The NASCAR Compacts were the first feature scheduled for action as 26 cars took the green flag.  This twenty lap feature began with #14 Jim Tobin of Erie, PA taking the lead position early, which was followed by several cautions as competitors battled for position throughout the field.  Each caution brought the field back together and forced Tobin to work hard to maintain the first place position.  Tobin was able to hold on to the lead until #88 Dan Bittinger of Forestville, NY passed him with only nine laps remaining, which left Tobin to contend with # 94 Jeff Breads of Westfield, NY for the second place spot for much of the remainder of the race.  #71 Doug Hadley was able to pass Breads late in the race for the third place position.  Bittinger continued his winning ways and claimed the top position when the checkered flag waved followed by Tobin in second and Hadley in third. Rounding out the top five were Breads and #48 Eric Brown finishing in fourth and fifth respectively.


The second feature race of the night belonged to the INEX Bandoleros. This fifteen-lap race was lead by #32 Wesley McCray of Corry, PA after lap one and for the majority of the race. Although McCray led most of the race, #9 Donald Buell of Corry, PA, #29 Daniel Buell of Corry, PA, and #24 Matt Mead of Erie, PA were always close behind. With two laps to go, Donald Buell took the top postion and would go on to claim the checkered flag for the third time this season.  Second place belonged to Daniel Buell and third place went to Mead.  McCray settled for a fourth place finish and #2 Chase Firestone of Wattsburg, PA rounded out the top five.


The NASCAR Street Stocks were next to take on the 3/8 mile track. In this 30 lap race, the early leader was #11 Ed Hall of Fairview, PA before a caution on the first lap which involved #1 Vern Heddrick of Erie, PA, #96 Greg Irish of Brocton, NY, #71 Rich Miller of Sinclairville, NY, #98 Patrick Anderson of Randolph, NY, and #44 Charlie Anderson of Jamestown, NY. #83 Russ Conti of Randolph, NY took the lead after the restart and held it for two laps before Hall reclaimed the top spot. After a second caution, #11k Dave Krawczyk of West Seneca, NY took the lead right after the restart and never looked back while maintaining a commanding lead over the rest of the field for the rest of the race.  Hall maintained a steady second place run and finish. The battle for third place occurred between #78 Chris Crossman of Ripley, NY and Irish, and Irish went on to claim the third place position as Crossman settled for fourth place.  Finishing in fifth place was Conti.


The INEX Legends feature was the fourth feature of the night after a short intermission. The 30 lap feature began with #7 Jeff Ehret of Ohio in the top spot which he held for the first five laps until #13 Brad Salatino of Marion, NY passed him.  On the 9th lap of the race, after a caution took place due to #71 Tyler McArdle of Edinboro, PA spinning out on the front stretch, #9 Carl Vilardo IV of Westfield, NY claimed the lead position after the restart. #39 Jeremy Haudricourt of Bliss, NY immediately took the top spot from Vilardo IV on the next lap.  Haudricourt held the lead until there were 15 laps remaining in the race when #1Brandon DeBrakeleer of Mill Village, PA claimed the top spot and would hold on to it for the rest of the race and finish in first for the third time this season.  Second place belonged to Vilardo IV while third place was claimed by #48 Jake Lutz of Hamburg, NY.  Placing fourth was Haudricourt, and rounding out the top five in fifth was #3 Jeff Dunfee III of Mantau, OH.


The fifth feature event of the night was the Plyler Overhead Door Modifieds.  The 30 lap feature started with a very tight pack all vying for the first place position as #17jr JP Weisser of Pittsburgh, PA took the lead from Ken Moore, Sr. of Jamestown, NY on the second lap and separated himself from the rest of the field.  Nearly a third into the race, #24 Randy Culver of North East, PA and Moore collided in between turns 1 and 2 collecting #30 Chris Briggs of Sherman, NY and bringing out the caution flag.  Weisser lead following the caution until #47 Scott Wylie of Blasdell, NY took over the top spot with 17 laps remaining and never looked back.  Throughout the majority of the race #66 Dennis Hagg of Chautauqua, NY battled to maintain his quest for a top three finishing position.  Finishing in first place for the second time this season was Wylie, as second place was claimed by Weisser, third place was earned by Hagg, fourth place went to Culver, and finishing in fifth was #14 Carter Mook of Fairview, PA.


The last feature of the night was the first ever appearance at Lake Erie Speedway for the Must See Racing Supermodified Series, which provided the race fans with high speeds and exciting side by side action throughout this 40 lap feature event. This race included three different lead changes. The first leader of the night was #36 Jon Henes who was able to hold the lead for 11 laps before a caution brought the field back together.  Upon the restart, #22 Mike McVetta took the lead which he held until #64 Jim Paller overcame him to take the top spot with 14 laps remaining.  Paller maintained his lead right to the checkered flag and finished in first place, with McVetta claiming second place, #12 Brandon Fisher in third place, #70 Dave McKnight in fourth place, and rounding out the top five in fifth was #48 Rich Redi.



Saturday, July 20, 2013

Official Quick Results- No disqualifications in any divisions


NASCAR Compacts:

1.      88 Dan Bittinger

2.      14 Jim Tobin

3.      71 Doug Hadley

4.      94 Jeff Breads

5.      81 Shane Forster

6.      48 Eric Brown

7.      96 Nick Irish

8.      40 Kelly Hirst

9.      11 TJ Colby

10.  91 Bo Martin

11.  05 BJ Wellerman

12.  4  Nick Tobin

13.  1  Steph Akerly

14.  99 Gena Thompson

15.  9  Bondy Stoyer

16.  01 Mike Atwell

17.  92 Tony Klingbeil

18.  10 Mike Richards

19.  24m Bob Moore

20.  45 Beckie Jackson

21.  23 Robert Collins

22.  314 Chris Ecker

23.  28 Ryan White

24.  84 Rick Gregory

25.  15 Debbie Johnson

26.  43 Austin Wrestherd

27.  72 Dom Chickoneckitt



INEX Bandoleros:

1.            9  Donald Buell

2.            29 Daniel Buell

3.            24 Matt Mead

4.            32 Welsey McCray

5.            2  Chase Firestone

6.            5  Lars McElravy

7.            6  Dale Lombardo

8.            3D Drake McCray

9.            01 Alexis Bohrer

10.        01B Chris Breads


NASCAR Street Stocks:

1.            11k Dave Krawczyk

2.            11 Ed Hall

3.            96 Greg Irish

4.            78 Chris Crossman

5.            83 Russ Conti

6.            44 Charlie Anderson

7.            1  Vern Hedderick

8.            33t Tim Arthur

9.            55 Josh Way

10.        7j Bill Johnson

11.        20 John Denny

12.        34 Brandon Huffman

13.        98 Patrick Anderson

14.        71 Rich Miller



INEX Legends:

1.            1  Brandon DeBrakeleer

2.            9  Carl Vilardo IV

3.            48 Jake Lutz

4.            39 Jeremy Haudricourt

5.            3  Jeff Dunfee III

6.            13 Brad Salatino

7.            2  Owen Bednasz

8.            21 Pat Lyden

9.            26 Cody Myers

10.        33 Brody Wood

11.        29 Melissa Brockman

12.        83 RJ White

13.        268 Anthony Riforgiato

14.        71 Tyler McArdle

15.        5a Brandon Abbott

16.        22p Keith Platz

17.        98 Brett Coon

18.        22 Bill Lyden

19.        52 John Lindstrom

20.        04x Mike Anderson

21.        7  Jeff Ehret


Plyler Overhead Door Modifieds: Upon Further review the results have been changed

1.            47 Scott Wylie

2.            17jr JP Weisser

3.            66 Dennis Hagg

4.           14 Carter Mook

5.             77 David McAvoy

6.           19 Dwayne Vantassel

7.            17 Eric Bohrer

8.             0  Jack Hall

9.            30 Chris Briggs

10.       81 Michael Walker

11.          1  Terry Akerly

12.      75 Bob Fisher

13.        51 Jamie Hebner

14.        24 Randy Culver

15.        20 Dale Murdock

16.        22 Ken Moore Sr.


Must See Racing Supermodified Series:

1.            64 Jim Paller

2.            22 Mike McVetta

3.            12 Brandon Fisher

4.            70 Dave McKnight

5.            48 Rich Redi

6.            4  Don Johnson

7.            11 Kyle Edwards

8.            36 Jon Henes

9.            92 Larry Lehnert

10.        5  Sondi Eden

11.   72 Danny Shirey