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Bailey Jr, DeBrakeleer, Krawczyk, Buell, and Tobin Score Opening Night Wins at Lake Erie Speedway

Bailey Jr, DeBrakeleer, Krawczyk, Buell, and Tobin Score Opening Night Wins at Lake Erie Speedway By Jay Pees


North East, PA (May 24, 2014): After a brutal winter Lake Erie Speedway opened for the 2014 Season Fueled By Kwik Fill with the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. All five classes were in competition for the somewhat chilly evening that did not deter the 5,437 fans in attendance.

The evening started with 'European-style' qualifying for the INEX Legends with Cal Vilardo III setting fast time with a lap of 17.429 seconds. After heats were run the Presque Isle Downs and Casino Lucky Lineup Game inversions were decided by a roll of the dice with four being rolled for the Bandoleros and all other divisions inverting six.


The first feature of the evening was the NASCAR Compacts with TJ Colby and Bondy Stoyer on the front row of the 11-car field. At the drop of the green flag Colby and Stoyer ran side by side over the first lap with Colby holding the lead at the end of two.  Nick Tobin came to second place at lap two with Jim Tobin coming to second at the end of four and to the lead a lap later. At the end of six laps in Jeff Breads had come to second with Nick Tobin back to third and early leader Colby fourth. At halfway into the twenty lap affair the leaders were into lapped traffic as pole sitter Colby experienced mechanical problems and retired to the infield. Tobin went on to defeat Breads by half a straight-a-way with Nick Tobin third, Phillip Powell fourth, and John Denny fifth.


The INEX Bandoleros feature started with Matt Mead and Chris Breads leading the charge but with Breads spinning in turn three on the first lap and collecting Chase Firestone in the melee. When racing resumed Mead was joined at the front of the field by brothers Daniel and Donald Buell. Daniel Buell took over at the front on lap five with Donald Buell also getting by Mead a lap later. Caution flew again at lap seven when Drake McCray spun his mount in turn four. The brothers Buell led the field back to the green with Daniel again leading the way at the drop of the green and Mead coming back to second. Donald Buell got back to second with three laps remaining but was not able to mount a charge for the lead. The Buells battled to the line but Donald went out of bounds and was penalized to the end of the lead lap. Mead was credited with second, Lars McElravy third, Dale Lombardo fourth, and Drake McCray fifth.


Jay Queen and Ed Hall led the Street Stocks to the green with Queen and Hall led the first three laps but Dave Wilson was the leader a lap later. At the end of five laps it was David Krawczyk showing the way. Krawczyk then opened his lead Queen began smoking heavily with eighteen laps in and retired to the infield. Krawczyk stretched his lead over the remaining laps, gaining his first win of the season with Wilson second, Russ Conti third, Chris Crossman fourth, and Ed Hall fifth.


The U.S. Legends Cars started 23 cars for their feature with Jeff Dunfee III and Matt Hutchison leading the way. Dunfee led the way through the first three laps when Brandon DeBrakeleer took over at the front. Five laps in and Cal Vilardo was up to second from his sixth spot on the starting grid. DeBrakeleer opened his lead and waved his way through lapped traffic will lengthening his lead. At halfway DeBrakeleer had a half straight lead over Vilardo with Dunfee still holding third with Evan Finley fourth and Hutchison fifth. With eight to go Dunfee and Finley both got by Vilardo just as caution flew when RJ White spun in turn two. Finley got to second one lap after green again fell and on e next lap Vilardo and Dunfee were side by side but Dunfee reassumed the spot a lap later. DeBrakeleer got he win with Finley second, Dunfee third, Vilardo fourth, and Hutchison fifth at the checkers.


The night-capper main event was the 30-lap Plyler Overhead Door Modifieds with Chris Bailey and Terry Akerly on the front row of the seventeen car field. Bailey assumed the lead at the start with Akerly falling in behind him at the end of lap one. On the back straight of lap three Eric McCray moved to second and Chris Briggs came to third a lap later. At nine laps in Josh Erhard came to a halt in turn four, resulting in caution over the speedway and erasing Bailey's half straight lead. The double file restart was Bailey and McCray at the front with Bailey immediately reassuming the lead but Randy Culver and Terry Akerly got together in turn two collecting Jeff Campbell, again slowing the event. With eleven laps in the car of Jeff Campbell began leaking fluid and smoking heavily, again putting the race under caution. When the green flag again waved Bailey again led with Carter Mook getting by McCray at lap thirteen. Akerly spun in turn two at lap fourteen for the next caution. With Bailey and Mook now leading the way the race resumed one lap shy of hallway and Mook edging ahead on the high side to lead the halfway lap. Mook proceeded to open a lead until Bob Fisher looped it coming out of turn four. Over the remaining distance Mook continued to distance himself from Bailey, winning by half a straight over Bailey with McCray, Briggs, and Dennis Hagg.


Official Results:

Plyler Overhead Door Modifieds:

Heat 1: Carter Mook, Eric McCray, Terry Akerly, Jeff Campbell, Ken Frank, Wesley McCray, Josh Erhard, Adam Kostelnik, Ken Moore Sr Heat 2: Randy Culver, Chris Briggs, Chris Bailey, Dale Murdock, Dennis Hagg, Bob Fisher, Luke Rutsky, Mike McConnell

Feature: Chris Bailey, Eric McCray, Chris Briggs, Dennis Hagg, Randy Culver, Dale Murdock, Adam Kostelnik, Terry Akerly, Luke Rutsky, Bob Fisher, Michael McConnell, Jeff Campbell, Josh Erhard, Wesley McCray, Ken Moore Sr, Ken Frank-DNS, Carter Mook-DQ


Street Stocks:

Heat 1: David Krawczyk, Dave Wilson, Russ Conti, Chris Crossman, Ed Hall, Jay Queen

Feature: David Krawczyk, Dave Wilson, Russ Conti, Chris Crossman, Ed Hall, Jay Queen, Vern Heddrick-DNS


US Legend Cars:

Heat 1: Cal Vilardo, Jeff Ehret, Owen Bednasz, Melissa Brockman, Mike Bollen, John Lindstrom, John Bacon, Terry Lindstrom Heat 2: Evan Finley, Matt Hutchison, Alexandria Smith, Tyler McArdle, Gary Hamm, Anthony Riforgiato, Darrin Waldron, Michael Riforgiato Heat 3: Brandon DeBrakeleer, Jeff Dunfee, Pat Lyden, R J White, Michael Anderson, Cale Grimes, Bill Lyden

Feature: Brandon DeBrakeleer, Jeff Dunfee, Cal Vilardo, Matt Hutchison, Jeff Ehret, Tyler McArdle, Melissa Brockman, Gary Hamm, Owen Bednasz, Alexandria Smith, Pat Lyden, RJ White, Anthony Riforgiato, Michael Anderson, Mike Bollen, Terry Lindstrom, Bill Lyden, Cale Grimes, John Bacon, Darrin Waldron, Michael Riforgiato, John Lindstrom, Evan Finley-DQ



Heat 1: Chase Firestone, Chris Breads, Drake McCray, Ryan Bednasz, George Hayes, Roy Hayes Heat 2: Donald Buell, Matt Mead, Daniel Buell, Lars McElravy, Dale Lombardo

Feature: Daniel Buell, Matt Mead, Lars McElravy, Dale Lombardo, Drake McCray, Donald Buell, Chris Breads, Ryan Bednasz, George Hayes, Roy Hayes, Chase Firestone



Heat 1: Jim Tobin, Jeff Breads, Bondy Stoyer, Brandon Huffman, Bob Moore, Beckie Jackson, Phil Jackson.  

Heat 2: Phillip Powell, Nick Tobin, T J Colby, John Denny, Joelle Dziduch, Mike Richards

Feature: Jim Tobin, Jeff Breads, Nick Tobin, Phillip Powell, John Denny, Brandon Huffman, Bondy Stoyer, Bob Moore, Beckie Jackson, Phil Jackson, T J Colby, Mike Richards-DNS, Joelle Dziduch-DNS