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Backstretch Billboard

The approximate dimensions of the backstretch billboard are 10' x 24'.
This is one of Lake Erie Speedway's most prestigious advertising options.
These signs are located directly across from the grandstands in perfect view of each racing fan.
These signs are in ideal locations for maximum exposure.


Retaining Wall Signs

The approximate dimensions of the retaining wall signs are 3' x 12' or 3' x 24'.
This is a very unique opportunity for your company name and/or logo to be painted directly on the "crash walls" surrounding the track.
This type of signage draws the spectator's attention numerous times throughout race nights.
These signs are in prime locations for maximum exposure.

Grandstand Signage

The approximate dimensions of the signs are 4' x 12'.
The sign space is visible to all spectators entering the facility as the sign will be at the very top of the main grandstands.
It will be facing the main concourse and the main parking lot.
This sign is sure to grab the attention of each and every fan.

Fence Signage

Scoreboard Signage 


Press Box Signage