Matt Hirschman wins the “Lake Erie 75” as racing returns to Lake Erie Speedway!

Posted: June 15, 2017 4:03 pm


Matt Hirschman wins the “Lake Erie 75” as racing returns to Lake Erie Speedway!

Nye, Brown, Alcaro, and Albright also pick up feature wins!


North East, PA (June 10, 2017): Lake Erie Speedway fueled by Kwik Fill swung open the gates for racing for the first of two dates this summer with Midwest Compact Touring Series, NYPA Midgets, Street Stocks (Lancaster Rules), and the Race of Champions Modifieds. The headlining class was the “Lake Erie 75 Presented by Jim Moss Builders for the Race of Champions”. Matt Hirschman led every lap after inheriting the outside front row starting spot after Scott Wylie suffered a flat at the initial green flag. In other action Shawn Nye scored the NYPA Midget win after taking over at the front with only five laps remaining. Mike Alcaro led every lap of the INEX U.S. Legends series after starting from the pole. Eric Brown grabbed the lead on lap 33 of 40 after a wild three-way skirmish in turns three and four. Jake Albright took over at the front just three laps from the finish of the Midwest Compact Touring Series after restarting from the rear after an early-race caution, then went on to the win in the 25-lapper.


After heat races for all classes the Midwest Compact Touring Series took to the track for their 25-lap feature with 21 racers answering the call to race. Jamie Woods led lap one with Tim Durfy next to him at the end of the lap but Durfy was the leader a lap later. At four complete it was three-wide for second but Durfy and Jake Albright got together on the back stretch with Albright spinning into the infield. Durfy was deemed to be at fault and sent to the rear for the restart. For the restart it was David Brunka and Brian Sprague on the front row with Sprague coming to the front at green and Kevin Broski second at six complete. Neil Broski spun in turn three at seven complete, slowing the race under caution. Under caution Joe Brunka Jr had an engine problem, smoking heavily and retiring pitside. Sprague and Broski brought the field back to green with Sprague leading the way after green. At eight complete Jon Quinn moved into second with Albright coming to third after re-starting in the rear. The front three, Sprague, Quinn, and Albright pulled away from the rest of the field with Sprague gaining second at lap eighteen and drawing alongside the leader a lap later, falling back to second with four to go, then leading at the end of 22 laps and pulling away in heavy lapped traffic. The top five wound up Jake Albright, Brian Sprague, Jon Quinn, David Brunka, and Kyle Bates.


The U.S. Legend Cars started their 40-lap feature with Mike Alcaro and Noah Korner on the front row. Alcaro led lap one with Korner second and Brandon DeBrakeleer up to third. One lap shy of halfway DeBrakeleer suddenly slowed and pulled to the infield. On the final lap Korner closed on Alcaro but was unable to mount a challenge, settling for second with Bryce Norton, Gary Ham, and Kevin Girard Jr. filling out the top five.


Tony Patrea and Charlie DiRosa started the NYPA Midget feature on the front row but it was eighth starting Dave Wollaber using the high line to come to the front at the end of one lap! Sean Nye quickly caught the leader and the two staged a torrid battle for the front spot with Nye gaining the spot with five laps left in the 20-lapper. Nye then proceeded to open his lead to ten lengths at the checkers with Wollaber winding up second. Bobby Holmes was third with Erik Musto fourth, and A J Hessler fifth.


Tim Welshans and Dave Wilson brought the eighteen-car Street Stock field to green with Welshans leading at one lap then T J Cochrane and Mark Hoch joining Welshans for a three-way fight for the lead. Cochran led at lap eleven with Welshans right next to him and solidified his lead at thirteen complete. Contact was made at the in turns three and four, resulting in Welshans spinning to the infield but quickly rejoining the fray. At halfway it was Cochrane leading Dave Wilson, Mark Hoch, Wick Welshans, and Eric Brown. With ten to go Cochrane’s lead was three lengths over Hoch who had come to second while Brown and Wilson tussled over third with Brown having it a lap later. As the laps wound down Hoch closed in on the leader and Brown joined the fight. Coming out of two on lap 33 it was three-abreast for the lead when contact was made with a lapped car resulting in Cochrane spinning, Hoch being deemed at fault and sent to the rear, with Eric Brown grabbing the lead. Wilson was second for the restart with Wick Welshans third. Wilson and Wick Welshans ran side by side over the last lap with Welshans getting the spot at the finish.


Twenty one of the fastest Modifieds started the Lake Erie 75 Presented by Jim Moss Builders. Darren Scherer and Scott Wylie brought the field to green but yellow immediately flew with Wylie having a tire issues. Matt Hirschman was the new outside front row car and led from the drop of the green over Schurer. Wylie was unable to get the flat fixed in time to rejoin the race. Eighth-starting Tommy Catalano was up second by lap eight and pressuring the leader a lap later. The two leaders starting pulling away from the remainder of the pack with Schurer third and seventh starting Chuck Hossfeld up to fourth and former track champion George Skora fifth. At lap 22 Schurer rolled to a stop in turn two, putting the race under caution. Third starting Pat Emerling, the series defending champion, pulled pit side under the yellow. Emerling was able to effect repairs and rejoined the event. Skora got to third on the green flag, dropping Hossfeld to fourth. Mike Leaty was fifth at this point. Catalano stayed right on Hirschman’s rear bumper and started making challenges for the lead by lap forty but was unable to mount a challenge with Skora lurking in third. At 54 laps the leaders caught the tail of the field and began to put cars a lap down and allowing Skora to begin closing the gap. With ten to go Hirschman was opening a gap on Catalano and Skora. Hirschman continued on to the win, with Catalano second, Skora third, Chuck Hossfeld fourth, and Mike Leaty fifth. On the final laps Leaty got next to Hossfeld but Hossfeld was able to withstand the challenge.


Race of Champions Modifieds:

Heat 1: Tommy Catalano, Mike Leaty, Tyler Rypkema, Daren Scherer, Alan Bookmiller, Bob Milizen, Tommy Rought

Heat 2: Matt Hirschman, George Skora, Austin Kochenash, Scott Wylie, Karl Hehr, Daryl,Lewis Jr, Brandon Oltra

Heat 3: Chuck Hossfeld, Patrick Emerling, Zane Zeiner, Andy Jankowiak, Bryan Sherwood, Amy Catalano, Randall Richards

Lake Erie 75 Feature: Matt Hirschman, Tommy Catalano, George Skora, Chuck Hossfeld, Mike Leaty, Austin Kochenash, Andy Jankowiak, Zane Zeiner, Tyler Rypkema, Patrick Emerling, Amy Catalano, Brandon Oltra, Karl Hehr, Bryan Sherwood, Daryl Lewis Jr, Alan Bookmiller, Bob Milizen, Tommy Rought, Randall Richards, Darren Scherer, Scott Wylie (DNS)


NYPA Midgets:

Heat 1: Sean McNamara, Tommy Catalano, Brandon Zavarella, AJ Hessler, Tony Patrea, Kevin Wilson, Vinnie Christiano Jr, Kyle Hutchinson, Andy Nye

Heat 2: Dave Wollaber, Bobby Holmes, Erik Musto, Charlie DiRosa, Aria McGruder, Vinnie Christiano, Jim Musto, Jamie Pew

Feature: Shawn Nye, Dave Wollaber, Bobby Holmes, Erik Musto, AJ Hessler, Kyle Hutchinson, Brandon Zavarella, Charlie DiRosa, Aria McGruder, Vinnie Christiano, Tony Patrea, Patrick Smith, Jim Musto, Kevin Wilson, Vinnie Christiano III, Jamie Pew


U.S. Legends Cars:

Heat 1: Mike Alcaro, Brandon DeBrakeleer, Josh Marchese, Dalton Rombough, Lars McElravy, Anthony Riforgaito,

Heat 2: Noah Korner, Bryce Norton, Derek Debbis, Kevin Bertolone, Brianne Gilligan, John Lindstrom

Heat 3: Kevin Girard Jr, Mike Riforgaito, Gary Ham, Mick Peterson, Terry Lindstrom, Bill Lyden

Feature: Mike Alcaro, Noah Korner, Bryce Norton, Anthony Riforgiato, Kevin Girard, Jr., Josh Marchese, Gary, Mick Peterson, Dalton Rambough, Brianne Gilligan, Kevin Bertolone, Derek Debbis, Lars McElravy, Terry Lindstrom, Bill Lyden, John Lindstrom, Mike Riforgiato, Brandon DeBrakeleer


Street Stocks (Lancaster Rules):

Heat 1: Tim Welshans, Mark Hoch, Zack Myers, Eric Brown, Ted Welshans, Pokey, Justin Myers

Heat 2: Dave Wilson, Ken Maltby, Brian Hoffman, Keith Flavisa, Jim Mallaber, Scott Gleed

Heat 3: T J Cochrane, Nick Welshans, Dave Vova, Nate Straus, Jim Pierce, Mike Rodgers

Feature: Eric Brown, Nick Welshans, Dave Wilson, Ken Maltby, Tim Welshans, Justin Myers, Ted Welshans, Keith Flannigan, Pokey, Dave Vova, Jim Mallaber, T J Cochrane, Zack Myers, Mike Rodgers, Scott Gleed, Mark Hoch, Nate Straus, Jim Pierce


Midwest Compact Touring Series:

Heat 1: Kevin Broski, Brian Sprague, David Brunka, Jamie Woods, David Milbrand, Joe Oliver, Rob Zalenka

Heat 2: Jon Quinn, Kyle Bates, Joe Brunka Jr, Tim Durfy, Robert Palmer, Corey Mason, Ed Sedlacek

Heat 3: Jake Albright, John Denny, Craig Orr, Neal Broski, Michelle Maltby, Josh Schosek, Kenny Hejna, Joe Richter (DNS)

Feature: Jake Albright, Brain Sprague, Jon Quinn, David Brunka, Kyle Bates, David Milbrand, Jr., Jaime Woods, John Denny, Joe Oliver, Michelle Maltby, Kenny Hejna, Josh Schosek, Craig Orr, Robert Palmer, Dale Lombardo, Rob Zelenka, Kevin Broski, Tim Durfy, Joe Bronka, Jr., Joe Ritcher, Ed Sedlacek, DNS Corey Mason