The Power of Marketing with Motorsports

Baseball, football, basketball, hockey…It is a fact that Motorsports and Lake Erie Speedway do not fit into the traditional “stick and ball” category of sports. However, it is also a fact that Lake Erie Speedway enjoys the largest (legitimate) average weekly attendance when compared to any other minor league sports organization or venue in the immediate region. Lake Erie Speedway counts actual ticket stubs retained and offers a legitimate 4,000+ spectators per event to our marketing partners and sponsors. These spectators are not only “race” fans, these spectators are “entertainment” fans. As you know, the ultimate goal of any successful advertising or marketing campaign is: Be Where The People Are! That might just mean something other than the “comfort zone” of “traditional” approaches and methods. Lake Erie Speedway provides fully comprehensive partnership packages (includes signage, VIP group outings, tickets, program ads, etc.) for a lower investment price than what other sports organizations or venues charge for a single sign. We have made a major commitment to succeed in the local sports and entertainment market, so we welcome you to join us in that commitment of continued success.


Join the Lake Erie Speedway Team!

Corporate partners who join the Lake Erie Speedway team and grow as we do realize enormous exposure to a market as large as any in the region to promote their products or services. There are opportunities to receive signage, on sight displays, and employee or customer incentives in the form of race day tickets, and hospitality areas during the events. Print media coverage of these events reaches potential customers in all corners of the region, not just locally.  Lake Erie Speedway has an enormous amount of marketing potential when viewed from a regional level. This marketing region draws from three major cities, which reach more than 3 million people combined. It has been proven that race fans are the most brand-loyal fans of any spectator sport.


Population of cities, and their surrounding areas, in the Lake Erie Speedway marketing area:

Chautauqua County, NY       134,368

Erie, PA                                 280,985

Buffalo, NY                            918,028

Cleveland, OH                      1,270,249

Pittsburgh, PA                      1,227,066