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Lake Erie Speedway Is Getting Rowdy!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Are you ready for a bucking good time?

We've been asking ya'll what you wanted to see more of at the track, and there was an overwhelming response for more action and more family events so we are happy to announce the newest addition to our 2023 lineup- the RZR Pro Bulls & Barrels Tour!

We know this is going to be one of our biggest events of the year so we're launching ticket sales early. If you're looking for that final gift, the perfect stocking stuffer, or new experiences for the fam jam then head over to our events page and get your tickets TODAY.

Fun For Everyone

Grab your better half, in-laws, co-workers, best friends, and small humans for a night at the track with over 30 Bull Riders, at least 25 Barrel Racers, AND a Trick Roper competing for up to $20,000 in prize money. Even the intermissions are packed with dance-alongs and impromptu comedy skits to keep the good times rolling. Both dates host a Lil' Buckaroo rodeo with extras for the kids before the main event which is followed by a meet & greet with autograph sessions to end the night. Find more information about this event, riders, ticket pricing, and availability on our website, and reserve your seats today!

Meet Brinson James, The Entertainer! Brinson James was born to be an entertainer. His family has deep roots in the rodeo world and he quickly became part of a rodeo clown team with his dad, “Hollywood Harris” when he was just a toddler. Once he started attending school his family settled down in Florida, so he and his dad would travel on weekends to perform at Rodeos. Brinson wasn't always known as "Brinson James The Entertainer, his original stage name was “Boogerhead”, and he had no plans to change it until a run-in with a bull left his dad out of commission and the pair missing its taller half, so he decided to give going solo a solid try. He caught a gig with PBR Canada who helped him with creating a new persona after keeping him on permanently. His career and charisma have been growing ever since. Brinson is an entertainer through and through who gives every crowd 110%. Expect to be singing, dancing, and LOL-ing all night long with Brinson James at the helm.

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements, event updates, and new additions to the 2023 calendar by following us on socials.

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Crosby Jimmy
Crosby Jimmy
14 hours ago

Crash o Rama is the best. 4 yrs now we've come down from central Ontario Canada and love to return each year. dinosaur game


Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
May 08

Get your tickets for the family jam today by visiting our events website if you're searching for the ideal last-minute gift space bar clicker, the ideal stocking stuffer, or something new.

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