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Drifting is Here to Stay

We know a lot of you have seen our posts about the fastest growing motorsport: drifting. We also know that many of you have never had the opportunity to come out to a race so we wanted to take a moment and invite you out to one of the best drifting events of the year.

2 For 1 Tickets.

Bring a ticket from any one of our non-drifting events and receive a 2 for 1 deal on a daypass. You can purchase a ticket online then bring your guest, along with your previous event ticket, and their entry will be completely free at the gate.

Wanna Learn About Drifting?

We pride ourselves on hosting events that have a combination of open driving and competition for all levels. Our run groups are divided by letters to keep things organized. A Group - These are the best drivers our area has to offer. Most of their cars are purpose-built with full roll cages, tons of horsepower and can smoke off a set of tires in as little as 60 seconds. You’ll know they’re on the track when you can’t see beyond the wall of tire smoke. B Group - These drivers have had some track time and are able to run the track with minimal issues. Most of the cars have modifications that are minimal, like power-adders and a hand brake. These drivers are fun to watch as they progress quickly over the weekend. Sometimes they get a little risky when really pushing the cars, making for a great show. C Group - If you’ve ever wanted to start drifting yourself (and you can), this is where it starts. Everyone has to start somewhere, so these are the drivers who are new to the sport. Most of the cars have zero to minimal work done as they’re still learning.


Drifting is a bit different from normal motorsports as it doesn't matter who finishes first. Each driver takes turns driving in front trying to get as close to the cones as possible while the driver behind them stays as close to them as possible without hitting them. Once one run is done, the swap spots. After both drivers have had a chance to run in the lead, the judges decide who wins by style, line and how aggressively they drive.

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