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How to create an image of a not boring positive hero

What does "non-boring hero" really mean?

Remember, however, that everything is good in moderation.

Boring - does not mean shirt-boy, who at every step humor, cheats, takes risks for nothing or sings dirty songs and dances with tambourine. Not boring means different, unpredictable, able to surprise you with his actions and unexpected conclusions. And (plus karma) someone write my essay having a couple of curious and unexpected secrets.

And also not boring - interesting. And this point is also important to pay attention to. What the hero says and does, must be interesting - and the meaning, and the presentation of information. That is, no boring "sheets" with biographies, legends and reflections.

A dynamic text, full of action and useful dialogues (the same legends and biographies can easily be "translated" from a monologue into a dialogue, if you find the hero interested interlocutors), will writing papers for money make the hero's image dynamic.

But, however, the boredom of the image well camouflage interesting adventures, sharp conflicts and unexpected plot twists with mysteries and challenges for the reader's brains.

In other words, if it doesn't work at all with humor, or with versatility, or with adrenaline, then bet on the non-boring plot. And so non-boring and filled with wonders in the twists and turns that the reader will have no time to think about the personality of the hero - he will participate in the events and observe what is happening.

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