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Must have gadget’s for every student


As a student this is definitely a necessity as much of today’s universities heavily rely on digital content. You will no longer have to panic when the campus computers are all fully occupied. According to pay me to do your homework experts having your own personal laptop will give you the flexibility to take your studies with you wherever you go.


Even with almost everything going digital, having my own printer (with ink) has always been a lifesaver. When doing research in your dorm room you can now instantly print any material instead of waiting until you get back to campus. I like to type and do most of my editing on my laptop, but when it comes to doing the final piece I like to print out the work and check it over with a pen in hand away from my laptop.

Internet Dongle/ Wi-Fi

Most University courses require you to access course material from the school’s online databases. When you can’t get free Wi-Fi and can’t make it to the campus, having your own internet is a must.


I’m sure most people have some sort of phone. According to find test answers online experts it’s handy to keep in contact with your friends, family, study groups and if you have a job your employer.

MP3 player

I always have an MP3 player with me. It allows me to listen to audiobooks, podcasts & music. It’s great to drown out noise when you really have to concentrate.

Alarm Clock

This is a no brainer. Life as a student usually entails many late nights and early lectures. Don’t allow yourself to sleep through important classes and get yourself a decent alarm clock that is loud and annoying. Try to get one that is powered by battery to prevent it being reset when there is a black out.


USB Drive

A USB Drive can be purchased quite cheaply. They will allow you to easily transfer documents from different computers and take your documents with you wherever you go.


This is more of a nice to have. I love having the ability to carry hundreds of books with me wherever I go without the weight. There are plenty of e-book readers to choose from, I own the amazon kindle.

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