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If you want to hide state secrets, no better place exists than in the body of a recipe post.

You’ve probably heard this joke or some variation of it. These jokes are funny because they have a kernel of truth to them. In most situations, however, it isn’t the fault of the blogger.

Recipe bloggers are some of the hardest working and situs slot online most intelligent content creators on the planet. But they also suffer from poor SEO advice, unfair stereotypes and herd mentality practices that canstifle their overall growth.

Length is not SEO strength

Word count is not a ranking factor stated repeatedly by Google. But don’t tell recipe bloggers that.


Because the average food or lifestyle blogger’s goal is to monetize, which is done predominantly by running ads on the site by a major ad publisher.

Longer recipe posts mean more ads, which means more ad impressions. This can lead to higher RPMs for bloggers, which is great for the blogger but not necessarily great for the people who read the content. Ad companies themselves loathe discouraging this trend.



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