Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Reschedules- Dream Drive Exotics is still a go

Posted: May 10, 2016 3:16 pm


Dear Racers,


We are going to reschedule this weekend at Lake Erie Speedway due to the forecast, there will be rain in the area all weekend and the high temperature in the 50’s makes the track tougher to drive with that dampness in the air.    We realize that Sunday’s forecast looks like we may potentially get the event in, however we schedule our trip to WNY and Erie, PA the same weekend.  There’s a high likelihood that we are going to get rained out on Saturday at Holland Speedway in Holland, NY and frankly it is financially impossible to make this trip work with that rain out on Saturday and potential rainout Sunday.


The staff at Lake Erie has been great to work with and has provided us with a great reschedule date of Saturday June 4th, this will allow us to hopefully allow Spring to arrive and have a great event in June.  Also, we are going to add 2 FREE laps on us to your package.  We’re also offering a $99.00 special for 10 laps on our new June date if you have anyone who would like to join you to race at the track then, or you’d like to add


We regret this change and appreciate you working with us to insure a great event in June of this year.



The Pit Crew @ RWRE