June 25 AT 2 PM EDT – June 27 AT 6 PM EDT


Event Information

Hey guys! Figured I’d make a post in here as this event is coming to our home this year. First off, we are incredibly excited to bring this event here and I know the experience working with AJ Moore and LES on this one is going to be great.


Here is a break down of what we look for in the event and how to go about getting on the roster if you feel you fit the bill...


- The event is a team based event. It’s not a competition but more so an exciting exhibition. The past two Vibes events teams came from all over the country. The event itself is filled with a ton of beautiful cars keeping the track incredibly hot for its entire duration.


-The teams we consider are established teams. Teams that at the very minimum have been driving together for at least a year plus. I understand that drift teams are always popping up and that it’s becoming a very common thing to see but we really steer away from last minute “EST. yesterday” teams.


-These teams we bring in show a good driving level. This event is a pretty high risk event. You might be driving with your team one run and driving with a set of complete strangers from Florida the next run. So we encourage confident and consistent drivers.


-Next up is appearance. Now don’t get the idea wrong here... none of us are telling you what a gorgeous drift car looks like... but we do tend to avoid multi-colored/missile beat up cars. Not only is this a drivers event but we try to really make it a spectacular spectators event as well. I won’t tell you how to style your car, I think that’s foolish and a selfish thing to do.. However, we ask that you do put in effort and passion. We want you to stick out and shine with your team. We also like when teams somehow distinguish that all their cars are on a team together. Something as simple as a banner even works.


-Respect. We’ve never had a issue yet with any arguing, rivalry or just plain nonsense. This event is supposed to bring people together for one reason: a great time making memories you’ll probably never forget.


-Selection: VVVVVVV


I understand that a lot of people in here want on the bill and I will add any team I see fitting. Now we try to keep the event as wide spread as possible. This means we hand select teams we think should absolutely be here from all over the country. A team application will be released soon. A fillable PDF where you tell us about yourselves. We need to learn about you guys. We don’t know everyone. You’ll submit this to a email provided and we will start reviewing them all. We will contact you. If for some reason you don’t get on, don’t be offended. We only have so many spots and we have to take what we feel are the best fits.


-PITS- Pits are for the drivers only. This is not a event where you bring your car in. Do not bring your car in to hard park either. Further planning will be made for you to bring your drift/show cars to another area of the facility to show off and hang. Again, do not enter the pits with a vehicle that isn’t on the roster. Spectators will be allowed to walk in the pits. Interact with teams, maybe snag some gear/merch or just check out the cars that these individuals put countless hours into.


- I will be setting up pre event cruises/etc. keep an eye out.


Any further questions please feel free to contact Damien or myself and we will do our best to answer those questions.


Otherwise, be on the lookout for updates and we hope to see you in June and at all other PAOHNY events as well!