Lake Erie Winter Showcase featuring Snowmobile Oval Racing and More!

Lake Erie Winter Showcase featuring Snowmobile, ATV, and UTV Oval Racing plus a Vintage Snowmobile Show

Saturday, February 6th


Gates open at 9am

$40 Day of Entry for Competitors, $30 in advance, and $20 early bird

Additional $20 for additional classes

Spectator Admission $15, 12 and under are Free
Registration (check in after you enter pit area so you are in the heat line ups) will close at 11:00am

***All Competitors Must Register
Green flag for Hot Laps 11am
Heats races follow Hot Laps
Feature Races follow Heats

**Times Listed are subject to change

  • Hot laps will be mixed divisions just for timing purposes

  • After competitors register, we will shake the entries for the first heat race line up. The second heat race line up will be inverted from the first heat finishing order.

  • Each division will get two heat races- 3 laps each

  • Feature races will be capped at 12 vehicles if we have enough competitors to break into two features per division we will. If we are stuck with 13 in a division, we will start 13.

  • Feature races will be 6 laps each

  • Feature line up will be a heads-up start based on the heat race finishing average.

  • Starts: Starts will be standing. Everyone one-line across Pole position (inside vehicle). If we need more then we will make a second row. Flagman starts the race (Green Light).

  • Watch lights around the track and corner flagmen for cautions/red flags- In case of a red or yellow flag the restart will be lined up from the last green flag lap minus vehicles in the caution or red.

  • Flags that will be utilized: Green Flag (Race), Yellow Flag (Caution), Red Flag (Stop), White Flag (One lap to go), Black Flag (Disqualified from Race), Checkered Flag (End of Race). If there is a caution or red flag on the white flag lap, we will have a green-white-checkered finish.

  • There will be zero rough driving or speeding through the pit area. If you are caught doing either of these, you will be asked to leave the event.

  • If your Snowmobile, ATV, or UTV is moving around the pit area or on the track your helmet must be on.

  • No one besides Safety personnel and track workers are allowed on the racing surface

  • All Snowmobiles, ATV’s, and UTV’s must go through safety tech and check in with the line up officials before they go out for hot laps or for racing

  • All vehicles will need a transponder and race bib to compete. Transponders and race bibs will be given at the tech/registration building (Red Barn)- Transponders and race bibs must be handed in after the event.

  • Racing order will be Vintage Snowmobiles, All other Snowmobile Classes, ATV’s, and then UTV’s. The exact order of classes per group will be based on entries.

  • Classes/Age Groups may be mixed if we lack enough entries for a race

  • Competitors are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages until after their last race. Anyone that is caught doing otherwise will be kicked out of the event


Lake Erie Winter Showcase Inspection Sheet-SLED

Lake Erie Winter Showcase Inspection Sheet-UTV

Lake Erie Winter Showcase Inspection Sheet-ATV/3 Wheeler

Lake Erie Winter Showcase Competitor Notes

Lake Erie Winter Showcase Class Running Order/Rules

What’s the refund policy?

There will be no refunds unless we can not make up the event if we would have to postpone.

Make up date: Saturday, February 20th

Spectator Fees

One day pass $15

12 and under Free






Snowmobile Classes


300 Single Cylinder

340 Fan

340 Free Air

340 Liquid Cooled

440 Fan

440 Liquid Cooled

440 Free Air

550 Fan

550 Free Air

550 Liquid Cooled

Mod Class



299cc and under (kid’s class under 12)

440 Fan

440 Liquid Cooled

500 Fan

500 Liquid Cooled

500 Mod

600 Liquid Cooled

600 Mod

700- 900

Twin, Triple, 4 Stroke, 200+hp, and mod class


ATV Classes



200cc and under (kid’s class under 12)

300cc and under 4 stroke


450cc race 4 stroke and 2 stroke

3-wheeler hardtail class (18+)

3-wheeler open class (18+)


450cc and under

500cc-600cc (including 660 grizzly)

700cc-800cc class

800cc+ class


Side By Side

450cc and under

500cc-600cc (including 660 grizzly)

700cc-800cc class


Turbo mod/901cc+ class


Unless stated above the Age groups are as follows:
Snowmobile Age groups: 12-14, 15-17, and 18+

ATV Age groups: 12-14, 15-17, and 18+