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Big Air

The Lake Erie Speedway Driven By Pro Waste season kicks off with the wild ATV Big Air Tour on Saturday, May 15th.

The show is composed of 14 action-packed scenes- each better than the previous. Big Jumps, 450cc motors, backflips, incredible balance acts, launching a 1,300lb Polaris RZR, crowd games, good music and more.

You will laugh, you will scream, and you will be floored by how high in the air our riders go. We start the show with a tribute to our nation’s flag, introductions, and basic “trick tutorials” about stunts you will see during the performance.

Our emcee/’s do an incredible job at keeping the interest of even the wiggliest children in the audience. We play crowd interacting games where fans can win prizes, and a select few will get to walk out on the show floor and play the ultimate game of “ATV Tennis”.

The show ends with our Big Air Finale trains where all riders are in the air at once, some upside down, one after the other merely inches apart.

Who our show is for

Moms, dads, and especially the kids. Grandparents have told us they love it to! The Guetter brothers have made this is a family show with an emphasis on family. Motocross families love it but you don’t need to be a motocross fan or even off-road enthusiast to enjoy it. Our crew are role models and encourage a positive message to both kids and adults with stories of adversity and how they overcame them.

Fan Meet & Greet

After the completion of the show our guests are welcomed to join the team for a free Meet & Greet. Here they can get photos with the riders, receive free autograph cards and get pro rider signatures, purchase official merchandise, and have an opportunity to win a motocross jersey signed by the whole team. We are excited to meet our fans and make a great effort to talk with everyone that comes through the autograph line.

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