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Get Wild This Weekend With Stick Shifts & Clutch Kicks

Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price - Sun Tzu

We know how supportive the residents of Erie, PA are when it comes to local sports. Whether it's the Otters, the Seawolves, or one of the many high school and college teams, the community comes out in full force to support these young athletes, so we're hoping you will bring that same amazing energy for our drivers this weekend.

Fun Fact: drifting is the largest growing motorsport in the world.

There's a good chance you've heard about drifting, but maybe you're not too sure what it's all about, or how it compares and competes with other forms of motorsports like circuit, rally, sprint, or drag racing. The Spring MatsErie weekend is the best opportunity for you to experience the thrill for yourself as a spectator. Our goal is to bring the wonderful world of drifting to as many people as possible which is why we only charge $30.00 for the ENTIRE weekend and kids 12 and under are completely free.

Over the course of the weekend, we have three separate skills groups running all day long in tandem with Round One of the Great Lakes Pro-AM Series, where some of the best drivers in the country are laying it all on the line for a chance to hopefully compete in Formula Drift's Link ECU PRO-SPEC division next season. Think about college sports players, they've put in countless hours, perfected their skills, and trained harder than ever all with the goal to get drafted to the big leagues- these drivers are no different, they're just swapping out a ball for a chassis.

If you love cars, competition, crashing, and sportsmanship then you will love what drifting has to offer, and for less than the cost of a king-size pizza, you can spend three whole days in an immersive experience. As if that isn't enough on its own, we have the Soft Gripp car show running all day Sunday ($15 to enter the car show and $15 per passenger over the age of 12) followed by Spectator Drags that get going as soon as the drifting ends. Head over to the site and grab your passes for a weekend full of fender benders and wall taps. As a bonus, we have open pits so you can bring your kids (or yourself) to get up close and personal.

If we still can't convince you that this sport is worth the views, then make sure you check out the "The Wildest Show On Wheels" that is Crash-A-Rama presented by Jamestown Mattress at Lake Erie Speedway Driven by Pro Waste on Saturday, May 28th. The name of the game is complete carnage and no one makes it out unscathed. Rain or shine these folks come out to bring you School Bus Figure 8 Racing, Enduro, Flagpole Races, Skidd Carz Racing, Boat/Camper Trailer Figure 8 Race, Hoods Up Racing, an amazing fireworks display, and more. This show often sells out so grab your seats before you're left wishing you were there.

See you all this weekend, May 20th - May 22nd at Pennsylvania’s Premier Outdoor Entertainment Center for some nail-biting drifting action at Spring MatsErie with Round One of the Great Lakes Pro-AM Series, Soft Gripp Car Show, Spectator Drags, and more. Remember - gates open at 1 pm on Friday, May, 20th! The full weekend schedule is below.

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Brown Emma
Brown Emma
May 10

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