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Summer MatsErie

Drift PAOHNY and Lake Erie Speedway Driven By Pro Waste presents Summer MatsErie/Christmas in July. Join us July 21st-23rd for a ton of action. Great place to bring the family out for the day or weekend. Friday Drifting and Great Lakes Pro-AM Series 7pm-9pm Qualifying, Saturday Drifting plus 11am-1pm Round #1 of the Great Lakes Pro-AM Series presented by Moty's Lubricants, and Sunday Drifting.

July 26, 2024 at 7:00:00 p.m.

Drifting Group Explanation

Keep in mind these explanations when looking at the schedule or attending the events. Also keep in mind each weekend will be part of the Great Lakes Pro-AM Series Tandem Competition. The Competition portion of the weekend will take place on the Saturday of the scheduled weekend 5-7pm.

C Group: This is where everyone starts out. There's no shame in being in this group. If you are a new driver to the track, you will likely start out in this group. This is a single runs only group with the drivers spaced out a bit more so there is very little pressure. Passengers are allowed.

B Group: This group is for drivers who feel comfortable in their car and can complete the course without spinning. Your first Tandem will happen in this group. We allow 2 car tandems in this group but they have to approved by the grid worker and absolutely no passengers during Tandems, This run group is faster paced than C with the cars being sent only a few seconds apart. A Group drivers are allowed to run in this group ONLY if they are driving tandem with a B driver.

A Group: Tandem only group. This is for drivers who feel comfortable driving tandem. Up to 7ish car trains are allowed in this group. If it is early in the day or need to do a shake down run, you are allowed to do a single run. Other than that, we prefer if you do at least a loose tandem to keep grid moving.

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