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Q. How Big is the track?
A. Asphalt 3/8 Mile

Q. What type of concession food and beverage do you carry?

Coca-Cola Products
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Hot Chocolate
Bud Light
Bud Light Seltzer
And More

Food Options
Chicken Tenders
French Fries
Nachos and Cheese
Soft Pretzels
Italian Sausage
Hot Dog
Donatos Pizza
Kettle Corn
Deep Fried Oreos
Funnel Cakes
Sno Cones

Q. What nights does the track race?
A. Lake Erie Speedway holds special events mostly on Saturday nights May-September. Lake Erie Speedway does not run a weekly racing program.

Q. Is camping available at Lake Erie Speedway?
A. Camping may have charges. We do not have any hookups or dumping stations though. This is only for Lake Erie Speedway owned events. Outside promoters may charge different pricing

Q. Do you charge for parking?
A. Most events have free general parking with an upgrade available for preferred parking. There are outside promoters that charge for parking. Call our office with any questions 814-725-3303.

Q. Grandstand Re-Entry

A. Guests of Lake Erie Speedway must acquire a return pass in order to re-enter the venue.

Q. Is smoking/vaping allowed at the venue?

A. Yes but only in designated areas behind the main grandstand. There is no smoking/vaping allowed in or under the main grandstand.

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