Autumn Drift MatsErie + Soft Gripp Show


Date(s) - 09/22/2018 - 09/23/2018
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Address: 10700 Delmas Drive
City: North East
Country: United States


DriftCleveland, IFD, and Buffalo Drift Culture present Autumn Drift MatsErie. This 2 day event will feature Drifting and a Car Show hosted by Soft Gripp. The car show is Saturday only.

General Admission 12 years old and above :$10 for 1 day or $15 for 2 days.
Car Show/Contest Entry(Includes general admission) : $15
Spectator Drags: $5/driver, Winner takes the whole pot!
Drifting: 1 day – $50 prereg or $65 at the gate
2 day – $85 prereg or $100 at the gate

The Rusty wheel will be on hand with some amazing food!
We will have security on site to help lesson any shenanigans around the vehicles. Please act responsibly.

Spectator Schedule!
2:00pm – Drifting and Car Show Start
7:00pm – Drift Comp Starts
7:30pm – Spectator Drags
8:00pm – Awards
8:15pm – Drifting
10:00pm – Drifting Ends
*schedule is subject to change

No outside food or beverage
No Weapons

Car Show Info
There will be judging if entered. First and Second will receive an award. Please fill out your score card that you will pick up at the entrance booth where you pay.

Hop on the track to join the fun or get in line for the limbo, 2 step, Spectator Drags and more! You can also just sit back and watch the excitement of the day!!

Here is the schedule for the day!
1:00 pm Gates Open (Pit Area Only)
2:00 pm- 8:00pm= Drifting
4:00 pm = 2 Step contest!
5:00 pm = Car Limbo! (Drifting will still be taking place)
6:00 pm = Car Show Judging!
7:30 pm = Parking Lot Drags!
8:00 pm = Awards

We will have security on site to help lesson any shenanigans around the vehicles. Please act responsibly.

2 Step/ Exhaust
Car Limbo 2 Door and 4 Door
Best of Show JDM 1,2
Best of Show Euro 1,2
Best of Show Domestic 1,2
Best of Show KDM 1,2
Best Stance
Best Fitment
Cleanest Bay
Best Club Represent
Lady Driven
Parking Lot Drags (Cash Prize)

Drifting Information:
The track is a 3/8 mile oval with up at a 12° bank and a figure 8 in the center.

Drifting is Drifting: 1 day – $50 prereg or $65 at the gate
2 day – $85 prereg or $100 at the gate

Tandem is allowed WITHOUT passengers and up to 3 cars on the track at a time. The cars must have at minimum a 6 point cage with forward facing door bars to Tandem.

Basic tech inspection requires:
– No Visible leaks
– Battery properly tied down (No Zipties or straps) with a cover over the positive terminal
– Snell SA2005 or newer helmet
– Fire extinguisher is recommended but not required
– Tow hooks front and back (Stock are okay)
– Proper safety restraints (Stock are okay without cage. 4 point or more with cage)
– Roll bar required for convertibles. Roll bar must extend above Driver’s helmet. Rule applies to any passengers also.
– long pants
– Closed toed shoes required.
**If you fail tech, you will NOT be drifting until the car passes.

Schedule Day 1:
12:00 Gates Open
1:45 Driver’s Meeting
2:00 Open Drift
3:00 Group A(Tandem)
4:00 Group B
5:00 Group A
6:00 Group B
7:00 Driver’s Meeting
7:10 Single Run Drift Competition
7:30 Spectator Drags
8:00 Awards
8:15 Open Drift
10:30 Track Shuts Down

Schedule Day 2:
7:00AM Wake up call
7:30AM Breakfast at a local Diner
9:00AM Head Back to the track
9:45AM Driver’s Meeting
10:00AM Group A
11:00AM Group B
12:00PM Group A
1:00PM Group B
2:00PM Open Drift
4:00PM Drifting Ends

Preregistered Drifters
1. Matt Moncalian
2. Justin Windbigler
3. Ben Hogan
4. Sean Callahan
5. Chris Mitchum
6. Kyle Zack
7. Dan Jakiela
8. Rob Campbell
9. Josh Bender
10. Gary Moncalian
11. Chris Wawro
12. Tom Robinson
13. Michael Wollaber
14. Austin Schied
15. Myke Greiner
16. Richard Raymond
17. Justin Cole
18. Philip Ginter
19. Scott Pengov
20. Donald Kelley
21. Josh Estep
22. Travis Baum
23. Brandon Bolinger
24. Maxwell Korzaniewski
25. Spencer Jackman
26. James Callen
27. Joe Brown
28. David Nashwinter
29. Steven Urban
30. Derrick Ludlow
31. Brandon Prostrendy
32. Steven Gooding
33. Noah Michaels
34. Donald Mallery
35. Jason Strautnieks
36. Matt Stubenhofer
37. Chase Hoffman
38. Brandon Ongley

Saturday Only:
1. Sam Basom
2. Brandon Antus
3. Kevin Ferraro

Sunday Only:
1. Nathen Reiner

1. Anna Miller
2. Ian Kley
3. Cooper Walts
4. Jordan DeAngelo
5. Brian Stoneman
6. Daxton Scholl
7. Darren Benz
8. Rob Chulada

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